Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

If your old concrete flooring is old, cracked, worn out from heavy traffic or damaged from oil, paint or chemical spills,
we can makeover your old concrete by grinding and polishing.
The polishing process will reveal the stone in the concrete to give you an appealing appearance.

You can also colour new concrete mix or even seed the top of the slab with coloured glass pieces
or other objects like nuts and bolts to create a unique and interesting effect.
The combinations are only limited by your imagination.


Using new diamond grinding technology and advanced chemical treatments, HiPERFLOOR from Husqvarna transforms existing and new concrete surfaces into a beautiful, functional and strong, high-gloss, mirror like finish.

With a range of finishes suitable for a range of applications and virtually any surface, HiPERFLOOR flooring solutions can be tailored to fit any requirements such as for large industrial warehouses, premium showrooms, high-end real estate areas and indoor public spaces such as shopping centres.

HiPERFLOOR is a high performance, environmentally friendly and long lasting value floor. Call NQ Concrete Sawing & Drilling for more information or a no-obligation, free quote.