Our services

NQ Concrete Sawing & Drilling specialises in sawing and drilling of concrete, asphalt and other solid materials in all building, construction, industrial or home renovation applications. We have a large fleet of high-capacity equipment, including floor saws, wire saws, wall saws and core drilling equipment in a wide range of sizes suitable for any industrial or domestic job.

We have the resources, skills and know-how to service your concrete cutting, sawing, drilling, grinding or polishing requirements.

Floor Sawing

Floor saws are a quick and efficient way to cut concrete; they are often used when surface repairs need to be made in a short space of time. Floor saws are used to cut horizontal flat surfaces constructed of solid materials such as concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, masonry and tile.

Floor Sawing can be used in the cutting of roads, pavements, runways, car parks, bridges, concrete slabs, factory floors, driveways and more. Floor sawing can also be used for making precision cuts in metal, and steel-reinforced concrete. Whether you need a driveway removed or you need to remove part of a bridge – we take care of all your concrete sawing needs, regardless of the size of the job.

Wall Sawing

Wall saws are the fastest and most precise method of creating openings in vertical concrete structures. Concrete wall saws are useful in renovation developments for cutting precise openings in structural materials such as concrete walls and block or brick walls – without causing damage to surrounding materials. This concrete sawing technique is commonly used for cutting door, passage and window openings and removing walls to accommodate building expansions.

For all your wall cutting needs, call NQ Concrete Sawing & Drilling for the highest levels of service, quality workmanship, project planning and management skills to ensure your wall sawing job is done right the first time.

Wire Sawing

Concrete wire sawing is ideal for removing large concrete structures and where other cutting methods are impractical. A beaded diamond wire is threaded through a series of pulleys attached to a drive wheel. A constant pulling force is applied to the spinning wire to cut through the concrete. The diamond wire sawing system can be used to cut through vertical, horizontal and angled openings.

The wire length can be easily extended for almost unlimited cutting depths. At NQ Concrete Sawing & Drilling we can perform concrete wire sawing jobs of any size, whether it’s for a large commercial project, or if you are a home renovator.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is the most efficient way of creating holes and slots from 10mm to 1 metre in diameter, to virtually unlimited depths. Openings can be drilled through all types of concrete and brickwork for plumbing and electrical applications such as installing pipes and cables, under-floor heating, air-conditioning systems and fitting fire sprinklers or handrails. This is also an effective method of creating holes for anchoring bolts and load carrying devices and lifting rods. Drilling circular holes into reinforced concrete requires specialist equipment, call the experts at NQ Concrete Sawing & Drilling to ensure that you get the precise result you need for your job.

Hand-held Chain & Ring Saws

At NQ Concrete Sawing & Drilling, we are not restricted to heavy industrial jobs, our hand-held concrete saws are suitable for jobs where there may be limited access for wall or floor saws or for smaller home renovation jobs such as cutting door and window openings in brickwork, cutting ventilation shaft holes, or for cutting pavers and concrete foundations.

If you require any concrete cutting or sawing jobs completed for your home refurbishment or extension projects please give us a call, our expertise and many years experience in the concrete cutting industry as well as our high-quality, well-maintained equipment means we will complete the job quickly, efficiently and safely, adhering to industry best practices and the highest safety standards at all times.

Concrete Grinding & Polishing

We have a range of concrete grinding and polishing equipment suitable for levelling your concrete surface, removing debris, paint and oil stains and industrial contaminants, as well as polishing your concrete surface to a smooth, flawless finish.

The grinding and levelling of concrete is often required during home renovations to remove old adhesive material from concrete slabs, such as tile, carpet, timber or vinyl flooring glue, to make way for the new installation of flooring materials.

Husqvarna Remote Controlled Demolition Robot

Compact power with great manoeuvrability

With the demanding call for confined space demolition, the Husqvarna Remote Controlled Demolition Robot packs many times the hitting power of a jack hammer in a unit small enough to fit through a doorway as small as 780mm in width.

The lightweight, precision digital remote control allows our trained operators to operate the machine at a safe distance from the work area. In using the latest technology, our Husqvarna robotic demolition machines are ideal for working in environments where point loading, noise, access and toxic fumes are a problem, i.e. inside shopping centres, hospitals, banks, office buildings, kilns, etc. With three easily changeable attachments and the ability to manoeuvre on rubber tracks, our Husqvarna machine can cope with all terrains even if you have to climb stairs.